5 Summer Jewelry Fashion Trends for 2021

Author: Mira Malik


Summer 2021 is hot! (And we aren’t just talking about the triple digit temperatures). This summer jewelry season is heating up with new trends and iconic pieces for everyone to enjoy.

If you want to know the must-see summer jewelry fashion trends you need to be wearing in your next IG story (and I guess in real life too), look no further! We’ve got the scoop.


  1. Chain Detailing

Top of the list—chain detailing! This summer jewelry fashion trend has been everywhere: in earrings, necklaces, even rings and bracelets.

One of the reasons it has become so popular is that it’s easy to pair with a variety of different outfits—casual, dressy, even office attire. The chain detail adds a pop of interest to an outfit that may otherwise have been uninspired or basic.

When styling, opt for a larger chain or more layers of chains for a simple outfit. Try a smaller link in a pair of earrings for an outfit that already has some loud prints, cutouts, straps, or other details.


  1. Layered necklaces

The creative power of layering necklaces makes getting ready in the morning more fun whether you’re heading to the office or just taking on a fun summer day with friends. You can layer a short, chunky necklace with a longer, daintier one or you can layer three or more necklaces of varying lengths.

Mix and match metals—yes, you can wear silver and gold at the same time—add pendants, and pair with a few rings and an understated pair of earrings (or no earrings at all) for a stylish summer vibe. 


  1. Gold Hoops

Here’s a playful take on an old trend: hoops are making a comeback! (I mean, did they ever really leave?)  Nostalgic looks are not only sentimental, but essential to your collection. 

Hoops are easy to wear and dress up or down, whatever you prefer! Gold styles have been popular in past seasons and are making a remarkable appearance this summer, but, not to be left behind, silver is also in style.

You can find chunky hoops, chain-detailed hoops, hoops with a rod through them, and hoops of varying sizes. Don’t tie yourself to just one trend, try them all!


  1. Bright Colors and Plastic Rings

In addition to adding more layers and texture, bright colors are not shying away this summer. Neon enamel on jewelry is the fastest way to catch an eye. 

The infamous nostalgic plastic rings are playful and decorative and come in a variety of different sizes. The movement of plastic rings is propelling thanks to celebrity features and apps like TikTok. 

The youthful take on a summer trend is affordable and are perfectly paired with beaded and layered necklace looks. 

  1. Pearls

Timeless hardware like pearls are making a huge comeback this jewelry season. Clearly, the underlying theme of summer 2021 is to feel timeless in the time we lost in the past year. Mismatched pearls have been spotted all over the trendy streets of New York City and in tons of other cities worldwide, worn on beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

 A simple addition of a pair of pearls will bring that touch of playful elegance back into our summertime outfits and can be worn in any setting.


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